On blueberries

Surely almost everyone knows the delicious dark blue berries we call blueberries, whether they picked them up in the forest and put them straight into their mouth, or tasted some delicacies made from them (jam, desserts etc.).

We would like to say up front that we are talking about blueberries that are the fruit of the European blueberry or, as the official name goes, Vaccinium myrtillius L.

We have nothing against the American blueberries, but in terms of aroma and benefits for our health, they are no match to the wild ones.

Those are widespread in Europe, northern Asia, and Northern America. They grow quite abundantly in the Czech Republic, in particular at higher altitudes in Czech mountains, in sparse forests, forests edges and in bogs.

The berries grow on deciduous branched shrubs. The shrub grows up to 50 cm in height, and has small creeping trunks with dense roots and a lot of branches. Its blossoms are small, about 5 mm, pink with green tones, and grow from the axil of the leaves. The fruit is black, with dark blue skin and dark purple-red flesh.



Health benefits of blueberries.

Blueberries are not only delicious, but they are also very beneficial for our health and are one of the most valued fruits. Their health benefits have been known for centuries. All that, as we would say today, in organic quality.

Blueberries are rich in vitamin C.The fruit contains tannins, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, provitamin A, resveratrol, vitamin C, B vitamins, fruit sugars, small amount of fats, micro and macroelements (magnesium, potassium, manganese). All of these substances have a huge impact on various health problems, and help to prevent them as well. They are beneficial in particular for our metabolism, eyesight, nervous and cardiovascular system, have anti-tumour effects, positive effects on aging, and help to maintain balance. There are studies researching the benefits of eating blueberries and effects of the substances they contain. 

Needless to say that eating fresh blueberries, preferably straight from the shrubs as they taste the best that way, will provide our organism with beneficial substances the most. However, not everyone has the option, and not only because it is limited in time. That is why we offer some of the beneficial substances in our product.
We do not want to encourage mindless drinking, but as well as it was scientifically proven that a daily drink of red wine is beneficial in moderation, there is also research into the influence of high-quality spirit drinks on our health. Indeed, you have probably heard of the benefits of a morning snifter of slivovice; so, add the amazingly good substances of blueberries, and you cannot go wrong.

In short, Krkonošská borůvka will put you in a good mood, and will soothe your body.