Frequently Asked Questions

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General WordPress

What's WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) that began as a blogging platform but is now so much more. It’s hands down the most versatile website publishing software out there.

Why should I use WordPress?

You don’t have to be an expert to use WordPress for your website. Aside from the short learning curve, customizing and modifying your site is fairly easy too. Coupled with the support you receive from Rescue Themes, WordPress is hands down the most effective platform for your site.

What are themes?

One of the best comparisons we’ve heard is that WordPress themes are like outfits for your website. If WordPress is a body then a theme is the suit or gown (or Bahama shorts!) you dress your site in.

How do I install a theme?

The simplest way is to upload a zip file of the theme via your WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Themes.
If you’re installing a WordPress theme from ThemeForest, you’ll want to upload only the ‚Installable WordPress file only‘ download package.
If you’re handy with FTP, then you can unzip the theme’s zip file and upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wpcontent/themes/ directory of your WordPress installation.


What theme support is included?

Our basic support will include answering general premium theme setup questions. This is always free!
Basic support does not include customization and installation services. You can learn more about or sign up for our Priority Support package here.

Do you offer premium support?

Glad you asked! Basic Support only includes answering general premium theme questions but our Priority Support package gives you these advantages; You’ll always be at the front of the queue. We’ll provide advanced technical support. We’ll log in to your site to solve your problems. Your responses will be answered as rapidly as possible. Sign up or learn more about Priority Support here.

Where can I request Basic Support?

Basic Support is exclusively offered through our Envato Marketplace contact form. Log into the Envato Marketplace account that the premium theme was purchased under and send us a message from the contact form.

How is the Merch theme so awesome?

Merch is designed to do one thing very well; sell your products. Don’t overload your customers with a page filled with distracting links and choices. Get them on your site, adding products to their cart, and checking out. This theme has been carefully designed to generate the least number of clicks for your users to get what they want and put cash money in your pocket.

Pre-Purchase & Payments

Can I use your themes on

No, our themes are not available for use on a hosted account. is 100% free to install on your host though and they have great tutorials for getting your installation up and running.

Can I try a theme before I purchase?

Because of the digital nature of the themes, we won’t be able to allow access to it prior to purchasing. What we try and do is setup an accurate demo of it for you to preview before you purchase.

How many sites can I use your themes on?

All of our themes are released as 100% GPL so however many you want. Just don’t resell or redistribute them. For more information about the license applied to our themes, please see:

Split Licensing and the GPL — what does it all mean?
Guidelines for forking GPL code

Do you have demo content available?

Yes, each theme will have unique demo data available as an XML file to be imported from the WordPress Dashboard. The demo data will be included in the main files download package that you can download from your Envato Marketplace account’s download area.